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My Work

Ableton Push 2 Performance

Hello! I'm a musician and programmer based in London with a passion for sound design and music production. Here it's me playing a shimmery piano patch on 

Ableton Push 2.

Love exploring new tools 

everyday to create and perform music. 



Currently playing Piano/Keys, Bass Guitar & Push 2 for


touring their new album

'Something Like A War'

around Europe and UK

Some bits of me and other amazing musicians/friends I have/had the privilege to share the stage with. 

In this video, songs by: Bone Key by Gazel, Fool's Gold and Backbeat by Dagny, and a tribute to Crystal Waters and Marshall Jefferson with house music project Bassically.

Music & Visual

2018 - Collaboration with my digital Art Friend

Tom E. Smith 

Music composed, produced and mixed by me. 

DAW: Ableton Live 9 & 10


Music & Visual

2018 - Collaboration with my digital Art Friend Ariabba

Music composed, produced and mixed by me. 

DAW: Ableton Live 9 & 10




I studied Piano, Music and Composition at Sonus Factory Music School in Rome and right after, in 2011, I moved to London where I attended a 6 months short course in Audio Engineering and Music Tech at SSR London.

I started working as a session musician with various artists performing live and studio sessions, which saw me playing in many amazing venues and festivals around the world.

Artists/Creatives I work/worked with include:

Priya Ragu, Kindness, Tupac Martir, Tricky, Francesca Belmonte, Dagny, Gazel, Sundara Karma, Mai Kino, Claudia Kane, Dane Rumble (Fast Crew), Speech Debelle, Myriam Solomon.

Over the past 2 years I've been working as composer and music producer for media brand Peak Labs, which I helped developed a series of soundtracks for meditative and relaxation purposes all framed in a very useful mobile app called Rise - Sleep Better. Check it out!

I'm also an Music Educator, Piano Teacher with a significant track record of teaching students with cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems. 



If there’s anything you’d like to work together on, leave a comment on my youtube channel - I would love to hear from you