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My Work

Ableton Push 2 Performance

Hello! I'm a musician and programmer based in London with a passion for sound design and music production. Here it's me playing a shimmery piano patch on 

Ableton Push 2.

Love exploring new tools 

everyday to create and perform music. 



Currently playing Piano/Keys, Bass Guitar & Push 2 for


touring their new album

'Something Like A War'

around Europe and UK

Some bits of me and other amazing musicians/friends I have/had the privilege to share the stage with. 

In this video, songs by: Bone Key by Gazel, Fool's Gold and Backbeat by Dagny, and a tribute to Crystal Waters and Marshall Jefferson with house music project Bassically.

Music & Visual

2018 - Collaboration with my digital Art Friend

Tom E. Smith 

Music composed, produced and mixed by me. 

DAW: Ableton Live 9 & 10


Music & Visual

2018 - Collaboration with my digital Art Friend Ariabba

Music composed, produced and mixed by me. 

DAW: Ableton Live 9 & 10




I studied Piano, Music and Composition at Sonus Factory Music School in Rome and right after, in 2011, I moved to London where I attended a 6 months short course in Audio Engineering and Music Tech at SSR London.

I started working as a session musician with various artists performing live and studio sessions, which saw me playing in many amazing venues and festivals around the world.

Artists/Creatives I work/worked with include:

Priya Ragu, Kindness, Tupac Martir, Tricky, Francesca Belmonte, Dagny, Gazel, Sundara Karma, Mai Kino, Claudia Kane, Dane Rumble (Fast Crew), Speech Debelle, Myriam Solomon.

In 2018 and 2019, I've been working as a composer and music curator/producer for media brand Peak Labs, which I helped developed a series of soundtracks for meditative and relaxation purposes all framed in a very useful mobile app called Peak Sleep. Fancy checking it out? ---> https://blog.peak.net/2019/03/14/introducing-peak-sleep/

I'm also an Music Educator, Piano Teacher with a significant track record of teaching students with cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems. 



If there’s anything you’d like to work together on, leave a comment on my youtube channel - I would love to hear from you