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Listen to Colours of the Sun

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From the press:

' Peak Futures are a soul music collective put together by writer-producer Chris Hills in London, with key members Sara De Santis (piano, keys and synths), Joe Bernie (vocals), Pauli the PSM (drums), Eva Brooks (vocals) and Rebecca Freckleton (vocals). Recorded in early 2020, the band have been teasing the record’s inevitable release, which has finally seen the light of the day. Let it be known, it 100% delivered.


Directly inspired by the “sonic palettes of Isaac Hayes”, the band has taken the best parts of soul music as a whole and directly implemented their own unique style and signature sounds the overall mix. Coming in at 8 total tracks, spanning just about 30 diverse minutes, there isn’t a single dull moment on the entirety of Colours of the Sun. From start to finish, each individual member gets their chance to shine on their respective instrument.


While the band has certainly enveloped the sound of soul, there’s also some colorful art pop elements that glimmered out as well. This was a mature listen that takes the listener on more of a journey than just a straight up listen. Lyrically it is quite dense as well and requires a focused listen, maybe even multiple times through to really get the full feeling of what’s coming across to you.


It would honestly be an impossible task to single handedly pick a “favorite” track off of the record. For us, this was about as a cohesive listen as you could possibly get. Our sincere recommendation here is to click play at the beginning on “Orion” and let the music flow through you until the final moments. You’ll find nearly infinite memorable vocal moments, but also an instrumentation that will have you up and grooving as well. '

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