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Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Blog Entry #1

Hello again!

I am keeping myself busy with training (so difficult to keep a routine but I am trying!), working on my music and recently I can say that I have been more productive.

It is hard to explain what kind of impact this whole pandemic shenanigans had on all of us.

It was a loooooong and very difficult time for sure. I felt really isolated and stripped off something I loved so much: MUSIC.

After so many months it is still very hard to believe that live music is not fully shining as it used to but that other forms of entertainment (e.g. football matches) are allowed and even exempt from most of the restrictions.

We all definitely had a lot of thinking to do, trying to recalibrate life and perhaps find a new meaning to it.

Finally I found my way back into music and managed to pull my energies together, to write and record my first EP 'Reconnect', which I hope I will be able to release soon after the Summer.

The songs, some of which I wrote a couple of years ago, really came a long way. Crafting them, gave me the chance to become a better writer, a better musician and arranger.

I explored the pleasure of playing different instruments and start learning new skills, like arranging for a string quartet, or writing and playing my own bass lines. I also enjoyed practising my vocal warm-ups and then record for the first time my voice. YES! This EP also features my vocals and it was so great to experiment with this new instrument.

My EP also features some of the best musicians I know and It wouldn't be the product that is, if it wasn't for the amazing skills and love these souls poured into it. I will soon talk about my project and the songs I wrote and the musicians involved but bear with me!

Love & Peace

Sara x

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Updated: May 24, 2021

Here I am, typing my first words and thinking what this post should be about....

If you have magically landed on this page, thank you for reading it. I hope it will be entertaining and interesting, and generally a sweet read.

I would love to take you on this journey with me. So you will find me here writing and talking about all things MUSIC and share some special content too, stop by for a cup of tea!


Zaaz x

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